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Need a reality check - how much can I afford

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  • Jun 7th, 2021 4:46 am
Sep 23, 2011
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What's the rush? Until you have kids I would rent and invest the savings. I found most of the downside with renting comes after you have kids because you want to be more "grounded" - schools, grandparents, etc. Before kids there are so many opportunities that could come (esp. if you're mid-career). We moved to BC on a whim for a few years and then came back. Were considering Europe, Australia, etc. but BC offer was great.
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Nov 30, 2005
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Ottawa, ON
Because real estate appreciation continues to outpace his ability to save.
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Dec 5, 2009
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I would also recommend stretching a bit for a 2 bedroom low rise, especially if having a family is already in your plans. Jumping from a 1bd to a 2bd isn’t worth it since transactional fees and taxes will rob you of your equity. Something in the 650k range seems to be easily doable for your current HH income, as others have already broken down the numbers.
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Nov 1, 2015
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I guess it also depends on what you consider dismal. sub $650k 2 beds that aren't even that small. They might need some work but the space you get would be worth it.