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Need to revamp my backyard...how should I proceed? Which landscape designers to use?

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  • Apr 18th, 2021 7:02 pm
Jul 21, 2012
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Need to revamp my backyard...how should I proceed? Which landscape designers to use?

Here's how my backyard currently looks:


- small, old, and pretty poorly maintained. We're in Oakville.

I'd like to revamp it this summer...problem is, I'm new to backyard and lawn maintenance (first house, etc etc).

Any suggestions on landscape designers we could reach out to, for quotes? We'd like to add a deck, add a garden etc...but I'm not very clear on what exactly we could do with this space to make it look better, so a designer would be helpful.

How much might something like this cost?
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Nov 9, 2008
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Used Andrea for our backyard designs several years ago and had a great experience. Provided us with designs, grading, plant and hardscaping product recommendations. Definitely recommend.


We paid for the designs and did all the work ourselves, including hardscaping/shed build, but you could farm out any aspects you wish.
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Mar 27, 2015
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Paying someone to plan it all out and then someone else (a crew) will cost thousands. And thousands. The deck alone, would be that much. Keep in mind you might be a bit late in the season now to get someone in, everyone will be busy.

I've always found this website to be helpful.



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