NEED some help AsaP! Having a lot of trouble deciding what school to go to.

Poll: Which College should I attend for Computer Systems Technology?

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George Brown in January
Seneca in May

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Dec 16, 2015
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NEED some help AsaP! Having a lot of trouble deciding what school to go to.

So I have a huge dilemma. I was supposed to be taking a test at Seneca today for my admissions, and the program got wait listed. They didn't even bother to call or e-mail me so I wasted 2 hours commuting. I have a couple options but I am unsure which route to go!

Currently, I have been accepted by George Brown into the Computer Systems Technology course. I applied to Seneca for the exact same course, thinking Seneca is a better school for technology programs. I have called and asked if you can transfer easily, and the admissions adviser said yes but there is a catch! Apparently the semesters do not line up, and if I transferred half-way through my program I would probably lose the money and the grades do not carry over.

Here is my question: Should I stick with George Brown start in January and just finish a diploma there, or is it worth waiting until May to start at Seneca? I appreciate any input from people who have graduated from either school, or any employers that actively hire and are aware of the programs depth.

For reference program codes are, GB: T147 Seneca: CTY
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Oct 29, 2013
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GB: T147 = Looks like there is no co-op...

Seneca: CTY = Optional co-op if you have good grades...

Look at this seneca forum, almost everybody went to CTY and its so popular for some reason. Rarely hear anybody talk about the george brown program.
Mar 16, 2016
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You have to consider these advices before you register George Brown College any Business programs, Accounting programs, and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

1.George Brown college was sued by students for misleading students about international business programs, and students won the case, George Brown college lost the case. The program promised students to be qualified professionals by association but it was not.

2. They get very less transfer credits from university. Business program, and accounting course outlines are very poorly done, and there are so many mistakes for many years, they do not change it.

3.If you look at the program courses, and course outlines, majority of the courses are general courses kept repeating same subjects, so when students graduate, they barely take major courses to be qualified. Watch out.

4. Management force teachers to pass some students who are not successful. Management do that so that students do not leave the school. Truth is management get money from government per student registered. They no longer care to give honest or good quality of service, they do it to secure their money from government.

5. Part-time faculties treated poorly and they do not have place to meet students, they do not have offices. They think their contract more than they think students.
6. Management assign major courses to teachers who have no clue about subject. Do not waste your money.

7. They always do false advertising to public, their recent advertising is that "WE KNOW WHAT EMPLOYER WANTS" Don't get fooled by that they do not treat their own staff with respect, they are treated very poorly. They need to learn it themselves before they teach you. It is a false advertising.

8-Managment do not care about students need, administrative department work very poorly. I heard with my own ears that administrative staff at accounting program swear at students.

Choose it wisely. Be smart. Some students choose it because of downtown, be smart investor, and choose it carefully.