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Neighbours camera pointing at my window

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  • Nov 16th, 2018 12:45 pm
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Aug 4, 2006
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CanadianLurker wrote: I’d look at installing a mirrored window tint. For $59 it’s pretty cheap fix and is readily available at Home Depot. The neighbour’s cam will get a useless picture of itself looking out onto the space between their houses and it shouldn’t be able to pick up anything from inside the house.

Won’t help with being on cam walking between the houses, but at least you won’t feel like the camera is peering into your house. The key is to defeat the neighbour’s sense that they have an advantage over you without spending too much time or money on it. The window film solution would be a good defeat device for this!

https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.3-ft ... 86190.html

Overview Model # PRS361 Store SKU # 1000686190

Easily add privacy to any window with the Gila Mirror Privacy Control Window Film. The adhesive-backed film means a more permeant and reliable choice. Use on any glass surface to add privacy without losing natural light.

Level of privacy: This film creates privacy during the day when the sun is out after dark, when rooms are lit from inside, it no longer conceals views
UV protection: UV protection reduces fading on flooring, furniture, portraits, blinds and draperies
Application type: Adhesive application instructions included
Can be cut to fit any window, typically applied to the interior window surface
For best results use the Gila complete window film application kit
15 foot long roll provides excellent value and coverage
Window films could impact your warranty on your sealed glass unit(s) as they are applied on the glass surface within the house. So check that out to be sure.
Oct 31, 2018
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I am installing cameras as well and the same way he did I am pointing right at him.
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Oct 23, 2008
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I am installing cameras as well and the same way he did I am pointing right at him.

Tis banana is IRIE :razz:

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Oct 20, 2010
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dont be like my dumb neighbor.
I installed cameras in my house and all pointing towards the street(covering exits and entrances), my dumb neighbor installs cameras point towards my side door/windows(i can see the infrared sensor activating at night the moment i open the side door, or make movement in the window of the door)...I have filed a complaint with city and will be filing one with Peel region police since i know the neighbor is too stupid to understand rules.
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Dec 27, 2009
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Geezfast wrote: Some reasonable person here. Others are pricks woth no work.
Hmm, so the vast majority of us on here are pricks because we sense that you are an oddball? Pricks "woth" no work? I have work and I'm sure most of the other responders do too. You are weird, and I'm really glad I don't have difficult neighbours like you.
Jan 16, 2008
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Is this the same neighbor from your other post or from the other side neighbor? Do you have any post to complain about you front and back neighbor yet? Please post them.
Between this post and your other post, I, We conclude that you are neighbor from hell!!!