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Neilesh Daji scammed me

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  • Mar 14th, 2022 9:03 am
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Neilesh Daji scammed me

I had purchased a large-ticket item from him through Kijiji. We had worked out that he would also provide documentation so I could make future warranty claims on the item. When time came for the exchange, he said he left the documentation upstairs and would scan it and provide it the next day. Unfortunately, I trusted him. He was a smooth talker and built up trust with me, so I had no reason to believe he would not follow through. Little did I know.

Unfortunately, I had to make a claim under warranty immediately (part missing from the box) and I tried to contact him several times over the next few weeks to get the documentation. He never responded. He seems to be ghosting me or blocked me because he never had the documentation. He probably acquire the item through unlawful means and decided to scam me. Now I'm out money for the part and no warranty for future issues.

His name is Neilesh Daji of Toronto and the phone number I was in contact with him was 416-399-4195
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To be fair, unless you received that documentation you shouldn't have paid the person.