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Neverware/CloudReady - ChromiumOS on any PC/laptop

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  • Jun 7th, 2016 6:51 am
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May 11, 2016
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Neverware/CloudReady - ChromiumOS on any PC/laptop

Let's you install Chromium OS even if your laptop doesn't support legacy mode.

The laptop I used was HP Pavilion dv2520ca; essentially one of the many HP Windows Vista laptops everyone owned in 2007-2008.
AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile technology TL-58 / 1.9 GHz (dual core)
NVIDIA GeForce 7150M 559 MB
Hitachi HD @ 5400rpm

Windows Vista was painfully slow on this laptop and took up to 4 min just to boot up and programs took another 1-2 min to start. I eventually installed linux distro which was faster but the fan was spinning nonstop.

I installed Chromium OS via CloudReady which was about a 30min process and the laptop ran smoothly. Boots up in under a minute (faster with SSD, but not worth the price even if you purchase a Kingston V300 for $50). Chrome Browser runs exactly like a desktop Chrome Browser. Installing apps are a bit tricky because you will have to use 'twerk' (yes that's the actual program name) and download apk. Unfortunately, not all apks work. Skype works though!

This make shift Chromebook is perfect for my dad because he only uses Chrome Browser. It is very 'snappy' and responsive. With the support of apps in Chrome Browser, I think ChromiumOS is slightly better than linux. The settings even allowed me to change the screen resolution from 1280x800 to 1400x900. It definitely makes a difference.

If you have any old laptops laying around, they can be put to good use. Especially if you have an children or parents who may need something to use.
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Nov 21, 2002
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still a bummer for gma500 netbooks don't bother. win 7 or better will be a better choice with iegd drivers
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Jan 18, 2009
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I'm wondering if android will come to chromiumOS? I'm still waiting for android support on the flip chromebook.


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