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New Desktop - Mac Mini vs AMD

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  • Feb 25th, 2021 10:19 pm
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Nov 18, 2008
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New Desktop - Mac Mini vs AMD

Hi there,

Looking to replace the home desktop. Office productivity, some photo editing, no gaming.

The Mac mini seems to be the best value by far. Looks like an equivalent PC will be twice the price. The only downside seems to be the storage costs which are so much higher with the mac - plan to get the basic and a 4 GB external drive.

What am I missing? How can a mac be a cheaper option?


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Aug 20, 2009
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The new Mac Mini's are definitely a great value right now. If you don't need gaming then all the better. The only real downside is the inability to drive more than 2 displays. You also might want to check if your workflow has optimized apps, Rosetta translation works very well but optimized is still better.
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Apr 16, 2001
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As long as you don't need to connect your Mac to an HDMI monitor, you'll be fine.
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Jan 4, 2011
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Go Ryzen.
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Aug 2, 2004
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There are reports that a lot of swap is happening with 8 Gig M1 Mac Minis and that is causing pre-mature wear on the SSD

If you are going Mac Mini, consider the 16 Gig model.

I looked into it and it is not cheap. ~1400$ for 16 Gig / 512 Gig model.