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Oct 19, 2019
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New dude from Calgary

Hi, not new to forums, but I am brand new to this one. I have my eye on four or five different items that I am hoping to find on sale around black friday. A Mesh Wifi Setup, a new cellphone (probably discounted Pixel 3XL), a big socket set (probably canadian tire), aluminum floor jack, and I think there was something else.

Is there any kind of keyword based notification that will notify me if a deal is posted on an item? I'd love to set that up and just get notified instead of having to check into the forums a couple times a day, because my kids keep me so busy I probably will just forget and then miss out on the deals.
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Dec 16, 2007
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The Canadian Tire site has that feature built-in. Create a profile and click "Get Sale Alerts" on the product page. They'll send you an email when your watched items are coming up on sale.


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