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Jun 17, 2013
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New feature: Thread Hiding

Today we released a new feature to the forums called Thread Hiding. This will allow you to hide any thread which you do not want to appear while browsing a forum. There are times when you'll see the same thread which you have no interest in appear over and over again and now you have the ability to remove it from your view. To do so just follow the steps below:

Enable thread hiding here: ... hidetopics


You'll then see an eye icon next to each thread while browsing the forums. Clicking this icon will hide the thread and the next time you refresh the page it will be removed from your view. If you accidentally clicked this icon, want to make a thread visible again or just want to see what you've hidden, you can view those threads on the same page where you enabled this feature.


We hope that you'll enjoy having the ability to hide threads and that it will make browsing the forums a more organized and enjoyable experience. If you have any comments or questions about this feature please let us know here. Note that this feature is only available for registered users so if you don't already have an account with us, sign up today.

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