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New Global Roaming Data SIM from Nokia

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  • Mar 21st, 2020 10:41 pm
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New Global Roaming Data SIM from Nokia

Another player is entering the Global SIM market. Unlike [f@#$ing] Fonus, this one appears to be legit. It's from HMD Global, the Finnish company that took over Nokia from Microsoft. The product is called HMD Connect.

More info:
HMD Global unveils HMD Connect, a SIM card with global data roaming
a data-only SIM card that can provide you with Internet access in any part of the world. HMD’s new service works in over 120 countries and can connect to a total of 600 networks, so you’re always online even when you’re on the go.

The concept is pretty simple: you can get started with €19.95[sic-HMD says €9.95], which includes the SIM card as well as one “data package.” These data packages will provide you with coverage all across the 120 countries the service supports, but your data cap will differ. A data package will run 1 GB in “Zone 1” countries such as the US, the UK, and Germany, as well as 41 other countries. That data cap is cut in half in Zone 2 countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, and Mexico, which get 500 MB, while it halves again in Zone 3 countries such as Pakistan, Qatar, and Venezuela, which get 250 MB.

Using a data package starts on a 14-day timer, and if you run out of data in that timeframe, you’ll be able to reload it for an additional €5. The service itself doesn’t seem to be exclusive to HMD/Nokia devices either, which means that you can use it no matter which phone you have.
HMD, maker of Nokia phones, introduces a global data-roaming SIM card (Updated)
HMD Connect SIM gets you data roaming in 120 countries
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probably not allowed in Canada due to the Robellus cartel
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jr! wrote: probably not allowed in Canada due to the Robellus cartel
It specifically said it has roaming in Canada. It is 5 Pounds per 14 days/500 MB.

Also, there are plenty of other roaming option in Canada if you buy roaming oversea.