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Jul 13, 2019
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New Home Buyer

I'm a new home buyer in the Windsor area. There are a few homes I have shortlisted that I would like to view.
1. Is it required for an agent to accompany me when I go look at open houses or to contact the listing agent for a viewing?
2. If I go view a property without an agent, is the listing agent considered to be my agent?
3. Am I required to sign any document when I view a property?
4. I don't yet have a buyer's agent but I plan on having one. Do I need to have an exclusive agreement with one agent?

I'm new to the home buying process (new to Canada actually), hence the questions. Thanks!
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Jul 3, 2011
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The answer to all 4 questions is no.

But since you are new to home buying, you might want to take a knowledegable Realtor with you.
Apr 19, 2011
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Please don't sign anything until you are ready to work with an agent.
You can view homes without any agent. The listing agent will just open the door and give you access to view the property.
Try and work with PurpleBrick real estate agents or any agent that can help you with some cash rebate back when you purchase a home.
This will help with all the closing costs you will have.
Thank you.
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Jan 15, 2017
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Don't be alarmed though if you are asked to show some form of id prior to viewing the homes. You are a complete stranger requesting access to someone's private home. Some Realtors will request id for liability purposes.
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Jan 15, 2017
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Also remember that if you view a home without your Realtor, it will most likely be the Seller's Realtor that will show up. The Seller's Realtor is representing the Seller and has the Seller's best interests at heart - not yours.