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Nov 30, 2013
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New PC part advice.

Is there a program to identify "bottlenecks" or are these discovered by watching FPS drop and then use the process of elimination to find the problem? I will be building a new system within the next month for video/photo editing and casual gaming. Seeing the prices drop on chips ie i5 - 10400f [179$] now may be the time to upgrade but I hear lots of conflicting information on boards, ram, matching speeds etc. I just need a super stable pc that will work for the foreseeable future with no bells or whistles.

The one I have now works fine on a old game at near steady 60 FPS (GTA V) but seems to struggle on video editing. My only limitation is the custom work center I built as it has limited room (the m85 fits perfectly) and will not fit a full ATX case but a mATX is fine.

Another thing I have noticed when shopping for cases is the noticeable lack of cases with no bay for cd drives. has this been the way for a while ? I have been in a cave LOL and ended up digging an old case from my basement.

Current computer is : What I am considering
M85 Lenovo Gigabyte B460M
i5 4570 I5 10400f
8G ram 16G ram (brand undecided)
2 tb ssd 2 tb ssd (current)
1660 Super 1660 Super (current)
500W PSU (brand undecided)
mATX coolermaster case (already own)
I AM NOT A BOOMER, but I wish i was.
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Jul 26, 2004
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I think what you have planned is ok. Although alot of people will suggest go with Ryzen for productivity workload nowadays. But does it justify the cost and headache of trying to get a 5000 series Ryzen is something you'll have to decide yourself. The performance is definitely there if you go with Ryzen.
You can also consider going with a Ryzen5 3600 for now and then upgrade to a 5000 series later. If it's for work then time is money anyways, you can justify spending a bit more for more productivity.

and yes, it's been a while since cases don't come with a 5.25" bays for optical drives. Especially the more compact ones since they have to cut out excess from somewhere.