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New PS5 (keeping PS4) - second PS+ account needed?

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  • Dec 25th, 2021 1:24 pm
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New PS5 (keeping PS4) - second PS+ account needed?

As the title indicates… if I buy a PS5, but keep my current PS4, can I use the same account as primary on both and thus have access to my full game library?

Or do I need to use a different PSN account as primary on the PS5? If this is the case, can I still access and play my current digital library by having the original PSN account (PS4 primary) as an additional account on the PS5?

Just curious how this works for accessing games are f a second account is needed (when you keep both systems active)… and of course knowing if the PS+ account cost would double.


Ps - the last thing I’m curious about is it f you can play the games on both systems (from one account that end them) - can that also work for playing against someone online but just the PS4 vs the PS5 in the home
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You can pay for PS+ once and use it on all your accounts on your Primary PS5, and Primary PS4.

On XBox you need to have a bare minimum XBox Live Gold on each account, and only the account with Gold on it can play online multiplayer. With GamePass Ultimate, other profiles on your XBox can play online multiplayer.

You can be online on two Playstations at once, but not in the same game. ie. PS5 - MLB The Show 21 online mode, PS4 - Diablo II Resurrected Online mode.

If you go online with the same PSN ID in the same game on a PS5, and PS4 simultaneously, the newest system that is logging in to the online mode of that same game will kick off the other same PSN ID off the other system for that game. ie. Two people using the same PSN ID, for the same digital game, one will get kicked off.

You can log in with two different PSN IDs with one PS+ subscription active on two different systems and play together online as long as you set each system as the Primary PS5, or Primary PS4 for all accounts on the systems.

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It would be most advantageous to you if you just log in to both your consoles. Making a new account is OK, but it would be a blank one.
And just to add as explained from above, if you have any purchased games or PS+ games on an account, you can have those games accessible on either of your consoles as long as you have logged in and installed them, and those consoles are the primary. My wife plays my AC Odyssey on our PS4 Pro because I am also on that system. I can share any of my PS4 games with her on that system. I can be playing on the PS5 while she is playing on her account on the Pro, no issues arise from that.
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