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New Superstore in downtown Calgary

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Apr 29, 2015
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Calgary, AB

New Superstore in downtown Calgary

Bucking the trend of businesses moving out of downtown Calgary, Canadian Superstore moved in. They recently opened a new smaller store in the East Village (a relatively new mixed residential and commercial development on the East side of downtown).

I had a chance to visit the new Superstore last weekend on the second day it opened. It's actually kind of difficult to find right now because of all the construction along the same block, and there are no store signs at street level. To see where it is, you have to approach it from a block away and then you can see the Canadian Superstore sign on the second floor window. That's right, the store itself is on the second floor. The unmarked entrance is on the southeast corner of 6th Ave and 4th St. S.E. You walk into the building foyer and take the elevators (only 2 people at a time for social distancing). up to get to it.

The layout is rather different from all the other stores (apart from the usual perimeter aisles with refrigerated and frozen foods), and it took me a while to find things. Although the store is smaller than usual, it was extremely clean when I was there. Everything was being wiped down regularly, and the shelves and displays were very neatly stocked. Even the frozen foods, meats, fish, etc., were neatly arranged. The floors were also immaculate. Such is the pleasure of being in a brand new store.

The staff were friendly and helpful and were all wearing masks. The checkout aisles were not too busy and the cashiers were all behind plexiglass, as per the other stores. I think I waited maybe 5 minutes.

The only negatives were that I didn't find a couple of things I was looking for, no doubt due to the store being smaller. And the elevator made the shopping trip take a little longer (there was a small line up to get on). Overall though, my experience was positive, including not having to remove my knapsack like I do at the other stores. I don't think I would personally make a point of shopping at the new downtown store unless I lived in the area. But the new store might come in handy for those times when I'm downtown and need to pick up something on the way home.

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