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Feb 8, 2006
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Montreal returns, 30 days from "invoice date"

Warning to potential buyers. Newegg appears to be enforcing their 30 days from "invoice date" for returns. This effectively leverages shipping delays to your disadvantage with drastically lower period to evaluate any defects on the merchandise.

If they wanted to make a 14-day return policy, they should just do that. It makes no sense to advertise it as 30-days , which really means "30 minus variable shipping time", especially considering the current delays in postal carriers.
Legally there isn't much footing to stand on, as apparently merchants aren't required to offer returns on non-defective products. However, the law does seem to be much stricter for defective products, where the product is required to function for a reasonable amount of time in normal use

In my particular case, I found 3 dead pixels in the same area. Not sure what to do about it. It doesn't bother me much , YET, but I've only spent 18 days with this monitor. Apparenly Asus' policy is 5 dark spots, so no luck there either.

I'm tempted to just live with it, on the other hand, the resale value of this monitor just plummeted with this discovery, I'm not the type to hide this from potential buyers on kijiji
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