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[Newegg.com] **USA only** Asus 4k IPS Freesync gaming monitor $269.99USD

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  • Dec 2nd, 2016 11:11 pm
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Mar 14, 2009
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**USA only** Asus 4k IPS Freesync gaming monitor $269.99USD

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December 5, 2016
This looks like an awesome deal considering the screen is IPS and it supports Freesync. Note that Newegg.com will only ship to the USA. I have personally used CBI for deals like this and it has always worked out great. They charge about $8USD to hold the package for you and you pay about a $2USD toll when you cross the border. So you need to factor that in. You will also have to pay HST at the border. Sometimes they wave you through. YMMV. This is a good deal if you have easy access to the border. This same monitor is $449CAD on the Newegg.ca website. $270USD works out to $359CAD so this seems like a pretty decent deal to me.
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