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Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX case $84.99

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  • Jul 30th, 2021 12:11 pm
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Feb 7, 2003
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hystavito wrote: I also saw a video about deshrouding and I was considering it, but in another thread an RFD'er said they did it and it sucked so I decided not to. I ended up just not using any bottom fans for now, but I might get a couple slim Noctuas eventually.
I think it depends on how you set it up. The bottom fans are a lot bigger than the fans on the shroud so will push more air over the GPU's heatsink. In theory you should get better thermals. The key I think is to have the fan's rpm auto adjust to the heat coming from the GPU depending on what it is doing (ie. spin up more for gaming sessions). This is why I ordered the power adapter to connect directly to the GPU since they can be controlled on demand.
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Nov 1, 2017
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ChippewaBarr wrote: Oh god I can't believe I said that lol I was thinking of my rig beforehand with the AIO... I'll def edit that post, thanks for sorting my brain for me haha

I'm sure you could jury rig one in but the Node 202 is smaaaaall

In the Node 202 I have a Noctua L9a cooler, but have recently 3D printed a sort of duct that will seal the cooler fan right to the case grille. Apparently this heavily lowers temps as hot air isn't getting pulled back in.
I ended up moving my PC out of the Node so I could manage the thermals. My cpu is probably drawing close to 100W after my OC which is well over Noctua 44W recommendations
I used to use a Noctua L9 with a 120m fan to keep temps down but that wasn't enough.
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Jan 5, 2003
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Looks like an awesome mini Itx case. I almost pulled the trigger as I'm always looking for the smallest full power desktop case.

The two things that are holding be back from upgrading from my trusty fractal node 804 (uATX) are:
-not really enough room for 2-3 3.5" storage HDDs. At some point I may downsize to 1,but it's nice having a big storage drive in there.
-mini ITX boards still are at a premium (especially ASUS)
-other worry is if my full size 750w psu will fit.

So so close on this one coolermaster!
Dec 12, 2012
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Pretty damn great deal for this case. Super easy to work with, very quiet fans. I love it, purchased it about 2 months ago for ~$107.