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[Newegg] HyperX Quadcast USB Microphone $159.99 ($30off)

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  • Jun 17th, 2019 5:46 pm
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[Newegg] HyperX Quadcast USB Microphone $159.99 ($30off)

Brand new mic just released a few months ago with great reviews. Surprised to see a sale price on it already so I ordered one.

The advantages of this over the Blue Yeti is the built in shock mount. It will eliminate the hum and vibration of your computer or any bumps. Sound quality is on par with the Yeti so the slightly higher price is justified imho. I saw two separate youtube comparisons and both had humming noises when the Yeti was on.

Why would anyone pay $160 for a mic when you can get a $4 mic from Dollarama? Hmm, if you want that smooth Barry White voice of yours to be heard by all the internet strangers that be playing games with you online. If you wanna impress gamer grills with your sultry sound. If your gonna start a pod cast about how to make grill cheese sandwiches. Jokes aside, it's all in the sound quality: Full range, clarity, accuracy, warmth.

Please link any viable alternatives that would have the same sound quality at lower prices..
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Price in subject would have saved me a few clicks.

Edit: Thanks.