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Rosewill Neon M60 gaming mouse - PMW3360 sensor, Deathadder shape, Omron switches, RGB - 25$ + 8$ shipping

Apr 21, 2010
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[Newegg] Rosewill Neon M60 gaming mouse - PMW3360 sensor, Deathadder shape, Omron switches, RGB - 25$ + 8$ shipping

Not quite as good as the last time: Once was 30$ shipping included (but not tax), now 33$ shipping included (still not tax included) but still a decent deal IMHO (in US historic low is 27 USD, which is about 33 CAD). This is mostly in case you missed it last time :)

Reason I don't include taxes in price is because it varies wildly on Newegg. If you have HST in your province you'll pay full HST; but if it's a separate provincial sales tax (as in QC) Newegg only charges GST, which makes it a pretty good deal despite the 3$ price hike since last time.

Lots of details on the expired thread linked above. We disassembled the mouse, did some button latency tests, the works. It's a good mouse, hard to beat at that price even if a bit higher than last time, and it has a safer shape than the usual recommendation (Logitech G203, when 27on sale--many people will find it too small and that can yield hand cramps). Its sensor is much much better than what you'll find in most no-name gaming mice floating around on Amazon.

Some tl;dr from the thread linked above:
  • True PMW3360 sensor, appears to be a straight implementation without any major firmware bugs
  • Very close to Razer Deathadder shape so should work for most right-handed users
  • No rubber coating, textured sides and matte paint. Not the ultimate in non-slip but on flip side it doesn't get too gross
  • Main mouse buttons are Omron 20M (EdwardGamma opened up the mouse to confirm), rest are Huano greens
  • No button pre-travel
  • Software doesn't need to stay resident, settings are sent to mouse's onboard memory
  • Click latency tested as low as 5.5ms (thanks to EdwardGamma for testing it against a G Pro). Methodology is always iffy for those tests though.
  • Cable sucks, a bit too stiff, braided, a bit too heavy
  • Mouse weight is 105g give or take a few without cable, but there's a 15g weight inside that can be removed (doing so will destroy the mouse feet as the screws are hidden below them, make sure you have replacements)
  • Stock mouse feet aren't very good on cloth pads