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XPG SX8200 NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 480GB SSD 70$

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  • Aug 10th, 2019 9:46 pm
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Jul 23, 2005
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Montréal, QC
SSD and RAM are getting so cheap, maybe it's time I upgrade my desktop computer
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Jan 10, 2008
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Reviews are all over the place, anyone have experience with this drive
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Mar 28, 2006
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good price, but don't have good experience with adata ssd's
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Aug 7, 2019
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How does this compare to the XPG GAMMIX 512GB S11 Pro 3D NAND PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 SSD (AGAMMIXS11P-512GT-C) ? It was on here for 89.99 the other day. I bought that one, but i don't know if I should keep that or take this deal.

Thoughts anyone?
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Jun 30, 2019
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Is this a good price? Decent quality I am looking for one for my PC.
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Nov 6, 2016
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I like ADATA, I've used their microSD cards, and SSDs... Never had an issue. I have the 960GB version of this SSD and it's working great. Only issue I encountered was I needed to use the latest version of RUFUS to properly install windows on to it otherwise it wouldn't boot after installing OS. Read and writes are very fast and boot up is about 2-3 seconds before it shows the login screen.
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Aug 22, 2017
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I used windows Media creation tool and it installed fine also the 960 version. 2-3 seconds u mens from the loading icon to the login screen right?
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Feb 2, 2017
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For those considering this drive, it's really fast for a boot drive. It lacks in 2 areas

1) The drive's latency will slow down considerably when the drive is filled up more than 75%.
2) It has some sort of tiered cache where sustained will transfer speed slow down considerbly with large transfers.

If you don't plan to fill this drive more than 75% or frequently transfer large files, this drive is great. The Silicone Power NVMe is a better buy for the same price range though.
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Sep 6, 2006
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Washington, DC
Clee wrote: SSD and RAM are getting so cheap, maybe it's time I upgrade my desktop computer
OLC storage memory is hitting production lines shortly. Micron was just granted the patent yesterday.
100% capacity increase but practically the same production cost.

It will also be using Phase Change Material which means there won't be the performance hit like QLC.

https://wccftech.com/exclusive-micron-o ... nd-memory/

Patent approved August 8th
http://appft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Pars ... hnology%22
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Jul 31, 2015
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Maple leafs
I literally paid double this a year ago, its a good drive, but the pro is better.

amazing how prices have moved on ssds
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Aug 17, 2013
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I upgraded to a NVME from a SSD. If you're on the fence or have budget problems.. just use a normal SSD. The difference is no where near going from a standard hard drive to a SSD.

I see my upgrade more of a space saver. I do no have any standard Hard drive cages in my tower anymore.
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Aug 7, 2019
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6060842 wrote: It depends on whether you actually need that extra write speed or not. The read speeds are similar if I remember correctly. Also if you bought it on Amazon that was $89.99 all in, no? So that would narrow the price difference.
I suppose for an extra $20, getting more read/write speed doesn't harm me. I don't know if I NEED it since I've never tested the performances of either, so I guess I'll be keeping this SSD for some time.
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Jan 11, 2004
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if you can get a bigger drive.

canadacomputers, team group ssd 1 tb, $119.00
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