Niagarafalls Rainbow Bridge Crossing questions

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Niagarafalls Rainbow Bridge Crossing questions

Going from London to Niagarafalls and getting back to as a one day round trip(student college trip),but have dumb(kind of) questions to ask.While walking through Rainbow bridge(Canadian site)to US for a few hours to look falls over US site,I understand that I should pay for tolls,but:

-Should I pay tolls only when crossing from CA to US or pay again when walking back to CA(twice or once)?

-How much is that?Some,I have read, say fifty cents;some say a dollar(in coin).

-Is it payable in cash only?

-Should it be in US currency or CAD coin is also acceptable?

-The sufficient document needed is Canadian passport?

-Do I need to have/show purchased private health insurance documents for entry?

-Should my Nikon professional DSLR with two/three professional lenses for the purpose of photography be registered before getting into US site?
(I have read over the internet that boarder officers may consider it as newly purchased item/s that needs to be taxed/paid duties)!

Thanks in advance.
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you pay the toll on the way back, 50 cents last time I did it but that was 8 years ago.

No different then crossing in a car and I've never been asked about health insurance ever, though you should have some if you step foot in the usa no matter how brief.

You don't necessarily need a passport, you could use a complaint enhanced drives license or Nexus card to cross. However you likely don't have one if you asked a question like this.
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