Nissan Canada doubles CVT warranty to 200,000km

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  • Apr 8th, 2019 8:19 pm
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Apr 24, 2017
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Waterloo, ON
joshi01 wrote: Hi all, my 2009 Altima is giving me issues at 202000. I went to my reg. mechanic 5 times before they did the diagnostic and found it was an issue with CVT ( i had other problems). I don't know what to do. Do I call Nissan Canada or do I go to the closest dealer and talk to the service mgr. I know they will try and say it's out of warranty..i'm only over by 2000 clicks. Any help would be great. Has anyone had CVT replaced out of warranty?
do you have paperwork that shows you had problems before 200k? you said you went to the mechanic 5 times. if the 1st time was under 200k you can argue with nissan saying it was giving you issues before you past the 200k mark.
Nov 20, 2007
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yes, i went for exhaust leak and oil change at 195000. So they fixed was still making noise so i went back and they said the welding was right the first time so they welded again. Still issue, went back. Road test, blah blah lah...its fixed now. Drive the car, same issue. Finally on Friday went back and they did a diagnostic and found it was an issue with CVT. They could not pin point the issue but they know its an issue with cvt. Also i bought extended warranty when i bought the car brand new.
Nov 26, 2011
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Would this be extended to 2015 nissan product? Is there any cost not covered by the extension?
Nov 3, 2019
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I have the same issue for my 2015 sentra. should i bring it to the dealer?