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No Hot Water - Pressure Switch Circuit?

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  • May 26th, 2020 6:04 am
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Jan 5, 2006
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No Hot Water - Pressure Switch Circuit?

Hi all,

I recently ran into an issue with our hot water tank I was hoping someone on here might be able to help with (wife has been on hold with Reliance for over 2 hours and I am not sure if anyone will come out anytime soon).

Our 2 year old power vent hot water tank stopped producing hot water today and our intellivent lights are displaying the following: Vacation Mode -Center Point - C (hottest temp) (see pic below). I unplugged the tank for 10 seconds and when plugging it back in, held down the cold+hot water temp buttons at the same time for 10 seconds but it still displays the same lights with no hot water (I did it a few times now with no luck). From my googling, it appears this light sequence means:
Pressure switch circuit remains open longer than 5 seconds after the blower is energized.
Blower may run continuously in this condition.

https://www.hotwater.com/resources/lite ... b-a028-06/

That is also exactly what is happening with the blower running non-stop. The furnace and hot water tank are in an enclosed room in the garage and nothing has really changed over the past few weeks except that we turned on the A/C. The vent for the tank goes out on my deck and it looks fine. Just for good measure, I also did a quick vacuum of the area but still the same lights. Is there anything else I should look at doing? While the tank is a rental, can I still expect to be dinged with some fee by Reliance (if they need to come)? I will also update this thread with the resolution for future reference!

Thanks in advance.
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Feb 10, 2006
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The pressure switches are small black and kind of round. They have rubber hoses going to them and are on top of the tank. Make sure they are still plugged in, check for cracks and possible moisture in the lines. You're right to check the venting as they can often get clocked as well. The motor on top might be failing as well causing it to not pull enough pressure.

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