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Aug 12, 2006
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No interest

No interest, let fade away
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Feb 7, 2017
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Ok I can see some value in this spin out ...
But in reality, it’s up to RFD MODS if they let it stand alone
(They like to amalgamate things both to keep the boards consistent ... but also cuz one big fat topic gets them far more exposure in the Browser Hits / Trends)
Ya the SDM PCO Text Offers come out generally speaking on Tuesdays
First called ... TEXT TUESDAYS

But since Covid ... they occasionally have appeared on a Monday

And originally they were for Tuesday Only

Since Covid ... they often last longer than just one day ... the Tuesday
Two days, like Tuesday & Wednesday is not uncommon now

And YES ... anyone who subscribes gets the same TEXT OFFER across Canada

Timing of the text can differ by Time Zone

And even within the same Province

My earliest ones have come around 9:30 AM
My latest ... 2:15 PM

Most weeks these days it’s around 11:15 AM

BTW ... I have copies of all the texts going back to pretty much when SDM joined PCO in 2018, and TEXT TUESDAYS began
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Feb 1, 2006
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beachlover wrote: Ok. Seems no interest. Won't post my coupons anymore, and will let this thread move to the back pages :(

I will offer to anyone thumbs upping the prior posting ^, to PM them future coupons if they want.
I love this thread! Pls keep posting!

It saves me from constantly checking my phone on Tuesday mornings.

But have to admit offers are getting weaker and weaker.

I tend to get better WUS personalized SDM offers midweek.
Cards:HSBC WE MC 1.5%/3% travel 0 FX MC acceptance 31 day med AF $49
CTC WE MC 3% grocery, 3.54% CTC, RA, billpay, AF $0
MBNA RWE 5.4% grocery/resto
Bank: EQ (1.5%)
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Feb 7, 2017
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(Check your devices)

Today & Tomorrow ... February 16th & 17th ... until Midnight PST

** 20x the PCO Points WUSpend $ 60+ Instore **

NOT STACKABLE with Department or Total Store / BOTTOM LINE Offers


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