No Oil Pressure 2009 Chev Silverado

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Dec 4, 2013
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No Oil Pressure 2009 Chev Silverado

My Chev is a 5.3 & has approx 420,000 km on it. New transmission about 3000 km ago. My engine light went on about 130 km ago when I was in middle of nowhere. I checked oil, it was ok. I continued to drive and gauge dropped from 12 o'clock position (where it normally sits) to 9 o'clock position, waveered between 8 & 9 the rest of the way home. Got to town, and gauge rose a bit. When I shut off motor it was back at 9 o'clock. Sat for 3 days. Started today, warning lights came on saying basically to shut off motor, which I did, so couldn't use scanner. I class it as inoperable right now. Temperature outside has dropped from Around -10 to -29 C in those 3 days it sat. Can't call shop cuz it's Sunday, but would like some kind of idea before I call. Expensive fix or not??? Thx. . .
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I would first check the oil pressure sending unit hopefully that is the problem, cheap fix. Other than that it it could be the oil pump going out or just a pickup tube gasket common issue on high mileage GM Vortec. In those cases the oilpan has to come off so more costly.
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Worst case scenario - you need a new engine.
Best case you have a faulty pressure sensor or faulty oil pump.

Seeing your pictures I think the mileage on your truck is only part of the story as I'm sure you have alot of idle time on it as well.

Could be anywhere from a couple hundred $$ to repair to thousands. With the information you've given I think it's going to be time for a new engine.
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You should still be able to use your obd2 scanner with the key in the accessory position.
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the oil pressure gauge on my 02 s10 died years ago. I get good pressure on cold startup and then when hot it drops. On really hot days the check gauges light goes on. A little additional rpm has the gauge go up enough to turn light off.
On my 86 S10 again cold start was fine. When hot it went off scale high.
My 07 impala started having the computer tell me to shut off engine because of low oil pressure. It would go on and off. In this case problem was when cold and ok once heated up. Google told me this was common so a new sender solved it. And only a few months later other issues had us send it to kenny u-pull
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Jul 20, 2012
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Hopefully it's just the sending unit, it's in a bad spot but a cheap repair. Ottofly is correct, the pickup tube o-ring fails. I had the same low oil pressure warning in my Z06. It turned out to be a broken main bearing. Funny thing the engine sounded fine, luckily for me the damage was minimal.