Non-locking baby/pet gate?

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Jul 22, 2018
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Non-locking baby/pet gate?

We have a tiny, older dog who really likes to lick the floor, and has a sensitive stomach. We try to keep her out of the kitchen, both to keep her from licking anything up and to keep her out from underfoot.
She's old, and won't push her way past things; if there's a sweater on the floor, that's practically enough to keep her from getting past it. Up till now we've kept some boxes lined across the kitchen entrance, but I'd like to put a gate in place instead. I would like to find basically a baby-gate that auto-closes, but I'd prefer that it didn't actually lock (i.e. it swings back to the close position, but doesn't require hands to unlock/open, so that we can move in and out of the kitchen with our hands full with no trouble.)
Does anyone know of anything like that? I guess I could try disabling the locking mechanism on a normal baby gate, but thought I'd ask around! Thanks all.
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Jan 28, 2014
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You do not say where you are located. If in Toronto there is Kiddie Proofers (near Lawrence & Dufferin). Over the years we have purchased a few things from them - for our dogs.

We also have an elderly dog - almost 16, but he weighs 25 lbs. At the moment we have a large piece of white board bought at Home Depot to keep him from trying the stairs - the house is small, only a bungalow, but there are 5 steps down to the landing and it is the splaying of the front paws that concerns us. Re the licking of the floor, you are lucky if your pup only does it in the kitchen - ours is an equal opportunity licker - always has been. I understand about the sweater and not passing it. Sometimes our dog will do the same even though it is really not blocking him it is about us catering to him! At least with all of his health issues (none of which would require euthanasia) he does not have a sensitive stomach (except to corn - very common to his breed) - our previous hounds could eat corn without issue.

Try and find something that will now allow your dog's paws to enter the "holes" in the gate. Ours would try and climb a fence (experience) - hence the plain, solid white board.
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May 9, 2006
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My cats like to run out of my condo unit every time I come home. Since I have a narrow hallway at my entrance, I installed a baby gate that looks similar to this:

Just lift the gate up and swing open in either direction and it auto closes. Just search for auto closing baby gate.


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