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Not having my own realtor

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  • Aug 6th, 2017 3:41 pm
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Aug 3, 2011
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Not having my own realtor

Hi I own a duplex now and want to buy a single family house sometime in the fall.

I found a house that I want but here is the question. Is it always better to have my own realtor? like price wise I think I can negotiate the price little more and if I really like the house I will hire reputable home inspector to check the things that I don't know much about(foundation, zoning and so on..)

And I have a friend who has been living there for 20 years in that neighborhood so he can tell me how's the area.

I used to have a realtor but she couldn't find me a house that I wanted(maybe market wasn't good). So I usually found a house that I wanted and she showed me the house that I found. She was always really busy also.

Anyway give me some advice. Thank you.
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Aug 30, 2011
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Is the seller a FSBO or does s/he have an agent? Some lattitude in negotiating with the former, but not sure why you think you can negotiate differently for the latter. To ensure my best interests are considered, I'd always get a buyers agent. Not everyone agrees of course.

This should be in the Real Estate subforum where it has been debated to death.
May 28, 2017
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It is possible that the sellers agents doesn't want to work with you because you don't know what you are doing. Given the choice between you and a professional agents, guess who they will pick? Not you. But hey, money's money right.

There is a thread already on this topic, what i understand is you can 1) Find a cash back agent. 2) Hire the 1% agent, i think comfree offers this service too 3) Get your re lawyer to act as the agent for a flat fee, they only write up the offer no negotiations.

If you a found a house and nobody's bought it, maybe something is wrong with it? Again a local agent might be useful in these situations.

When you decided to take the agents job and DIY it is assumed that you have similar level of knowledge or skills as the professional does, other wise you take your chances. As they say: only fools rush in. Many agents don't know much, it is not hard to imagine a civilian who has better knowledge on house construction, negotiations and marketing still there are rules you should know about being an RE agent (and you probably don't.)