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You will have to read the specific details of your own work insurance plan as to the coverage of your dependent child and when it would end.

My insurance plan defines "dependent child" as a child:
- until 21 years or
- until 25 years if attending school full-time or
- if over 24 years and incapable of self-sustaining employment due to mental or physical impairment.

So your 18 year old child might be covered depending upon what criteria your plan has.

When she is 18 years old, she can file an income tax return as a single person and be entitled to whatever benefits that she may qualify for as an adult person.
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covergirl wrote: I have a child and my work insurance covers a percentage of her medical and dental needs. What will happen when she is 18 years old? Will she stay covered by the company insurance?
When she is required to file a tax form? and will she be able to request reimbursement as a low income?
Nobody is required to file tax return unless you have income. But it is a good idea to file tax return for the year she turns 18 even though she doesn’t Have income so she will get GST credit payment when she turns 19.