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Oakville - Custom Home Builders

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May 21, 2020
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Oakville - Custom Home Builders


May I ask if anyone has experience with custom home builders? I’ve considered resale and preconstruction homes in Oakville. In terms of the appeal, rebuilds tend to pique my interest because of the larger lots and mature communities. I don’t think BuzzBuzzHomes captures custom home projects. I would like to avoid purchasing vacant land. I’d prefer to do everything through the custom home builder if that makes sense.

I was interested in Glen Abbey Encore - Fernbrook. The only remaining desirable lots will back onto a pond. They are charging a hefty premium of $250k (on top of a recent $100k price hike). For a 45’x90’ lot I cannot justify paying that premium, particularly when there is a nearby overhead hydro corridor. Some custom builds in south Oakville are around the same price point ($2.2-2.5 mil range), which is why I’d like to consider that route. I am aware that entails other risks...I have considered renovating a resale home but I can’t make structural changes, specifically ceiling height.

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Jan 15, 2013
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Are you planning on buying a tear down then looking/interviewing builders or are you looking for a builder that already has a lot(s) and will work with you to build a custom home on that lot?

If the latter, and you are looking for south Oakville, there aren’t many builders that buy parcels of land and sever them to build custom homes. There were a few but I think most of not all have been sold.

Alternatively, keep checking MLS and you will see some houses for sale from the builder that say they will sell the lot typically with plans for xx and can build for you if desired for xx. Look for the listings with architectural drawings on them. Those may have a builder associated with them.
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Generally a custom built home starting from scratch with the builder providing the lot is going to cost you substantially more than what a larger developer will charge for a similarly sized house. Maybe you can get lucky and find one that’s already secured a lot and build for you. Ones they have already built on spec tend to sell for the going rate.

Typically the only way to save vs market rates is securing the lot yourself and general contracting it yourself. Which is something most people either can’t do or can’t finance due to mortgage restrictions.