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The Official Canada Goose Authenticity / Legit Check Thread

Sep 2, 2021
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Hi @NixxonExxo and @Optiblue . Really appreciate you hosting this thread. Any chance you could check out the coat in my post above. Considering buying it, but want to make sure it’s not a fake before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
Sep 6, 2021
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Can ye help authenticate this jacket for me pls? Real or fake?
  • 25AFDADD-B57D-4E9B-AE0B-2E002E484A11.jpeg
  • EF80C377-F35B-4688-A956-01658EC278AE.jpeg
  • CA049DC0-1391-4EE2-BC9E-BC609038B8D2.jpeg
  • 61126363-512C-47E8-A876-ABD0C7F13974.jpeg
  • 45AC6E05-5C73-4F8C-A22D-B927ABC6EB2E.jpeg
  • 269726DC-583C-4F2E-ACEC-390C0C1A7D87.jpeg
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Oct 17, 2010
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Oct 25, 2021
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New to the forum, bought thus Canada goose jacket a while ago, and i am a little bit worried it might be fake. I know it is very old (older than 2010)
  • 16352605026841922797439385999106.jpg
  • 16352605449073382396918723544037.jpg
  • 1635260562338214742486802578579.jpg
  • 16352605798111695174831068977116.jpg
  • 16352606067995024644553369067248.jpg
  • 16352606278015624016357847218871.jpg
Nov 4, 2021
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Hello, can you tell me if this is a original Camo CG Parka? thank you!
  • $_85-1.JPG
  • $_85-2.JPG
  • $_85-3.JPG
  • $_85.JPG
Feb 15, 2020
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Hello. May I ask your advice if everything is original? Thank you.
  • 4D956A4A-89A7-42DC-B5C7-46A1CA0AD11F.jpeg
  • 63D45086-30C3-4135-AEA3-17B8551D53BE.jpeg
  • FBE48BB2-8A3E-47AB-9ACB-1B20BB982DF0.jpeg
  • C7572062-4607-4FE4-B709-7DE9A77B5A7F.jpeg
  • D804D075-5D3F-459A-B889-2EFCD0B14D88.jpeg
  • 1503EA3B-F3BC-4F5C-B5C4-E2E6A870655F.jpeg
  • 278B4D15-365B-4CA2-B445-275B7376C44C.jpeg
  • 240613C8-A348-4577-A326-1AA323C8A970.jpeg
  • 971BD4EF-01BD-40F4-B68D-B58B42DAA943.jpeg
Nov 9, 2021
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Hi All, I bought this CG Expedition on eBay. It arrived today but I did not had the chance to see it myself. Could you please check if it is authentic?

  • s-l400 (6).jpg
  • s-l400 (5).jpg
  • s-l400 (4).jpg
  • s-l400 (3).jpg
  • s-l400 (1).jpg
Feb 15, 2020
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Hi, so I finally bought in Germany brand new canada goose lodge down and I need advice. I looked at the signs and logos and they are different or something is missing. Maybe there isn't such a blue ticket between the signs and the size is written XL and there are extra numbers under it, which I don't understand. Thanks for the advice.
  • E9EEA2C7-E664-4C6D-A41B-55BAEE4D8F31.jpeg
  • C0FBC725-1081-4694-A3B8-E92F26472A31.jpeg
  • 424F1530-2F41-4B60-8B50-6982EB5AA093.jpeg
  • 0564F21E-900F-493C-B202-EECC967EF57B.jpeg
  • 9DA623CF-C64C-4CBC-8EDE-CE012118E723.jpeg
Feb 15, 2020
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I don't need advice anymore. I wrote to the CANADA GOOSE info line where the seller educated me that there is no longer a blue sign on some new models of these jackets and the size designation is also changing. If anyone needs to, they can compare.
  • 5349B609-1745-4AC1-98BB-3B1633FF3D8E.jpeg
Nov 21, 2021
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I found this jacket on a consignment website and was wondering if it’s real. It’s being advertised as a NWT mystique parka in white. These are the only pictures I have of the parka.
  • FC771E2D-768A-442E-9665-AF9BCACD0608.jpeg
  • 436EA0DD-A385-41E6-9BC2-476B25AB005E.jpeg
Dec 17, 2020
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Wanted to check authenticity of this jacket. Really appreciate it. Thank you. This is the supposedly the Sundance Cabri.
  • 7F8106D3-5529-4BE7-ACEE-0450EEB98948.jpeg
  • 5A886D8B-69DB-4892-BFA5-B93324EB61C2.jpeg
  • DCCF05FE-1174-43FD-A423-9A35DBD3BCCC.jpeg
  • 7ED3A114-FA38-41E0-A938-ACC5FB9D7DC0.jpeg
  • 3938B1C4-49D8-42A9-9C49-A655DB0ACCB5.jpeg
  • 81C5BEBE-AFD0-4120-8869-24AD721310C5.jpeg
Nov 24, 2021
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Hey ! So I bought this off eBay last night and thought it was legit , just wanted to double check as it’s a Christmas present for my boyfriend who goes climbing in freezing conditions and I would rather he doesn’t get really cold

It cost me £450 , from an eBay seller who claimed she bought it in Canada when skiing and just has no use for it anymore

I thought the patches looked pretty real

Any help in the matter would be really great :)
  • 51A1EC49-DF20-49FC-9732-8CA47718FC1B.png
  • 3F1570F3-3C93-4AF9-9779-0936E615DC74.png
  • 63C37654-153D-4B62-ACB3-12EBE4590FC5.png
  • 56C9192E-1E89-4FB7-9469-8E3F429F6E9E.png
  • F74CE157-7171-4652-AEDF-143F01D44FDA.png
  • B384271D-AD0B-4BE6-837E-2463F576B44B.png
  • 4A585F3B-8757-4CA8-8464-938A48F1A358.png
  • 9C9104AE-53E9-4E1C-A292-D324C9F4C5EE.png
  • ECD2A933-6B4E-4AA6-B49A-DCDF895AC042.png
  • 90AA4EE9-312E-49B6-B051-1AE25FB64558.png
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Oct 6, 2015
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Theshads wrote: Wanted to check authenticity of this jacket. Really appreciate it. Thank you. This is the supposedly the Sundance Cabri.
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