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Aug 12, 2004
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LOL808 wrote: Its a teaser rate?
Yes but most are at this kinds of rates:

Earn 4.5% interest for 3 Months
When you open your first RBC High Interest eSavings account.

Offer expires 3pm EST on February 28, 2023.

Open Online
Take Advantage of this Limited-Time Offer.
No Strings Attached!
Enjoy this limited-time interest rate to help you save more. Simply open your first RBC High Interest eSavings account by 3pm EST on February 28, 2023 to get 4.5% interest for 3 months (on balances up to $1,000,000)

We'd like to obtain your credit bureau report to facilitate the account opening process and personalize the access limits related to your new Account, and to be able to present you more relevant offers.

By submitting this application, you accept this as notice and agree to allow Royal Bank of Canada to obtain your credit bureau report.
Not sure if it is a hard hit or soft
Feb 26, 2022
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Scote64 wrote: HSBC certainly does support receiving a push EFT from Tangerine, at least to a Premier Chequing account. I've done it in the past and recently. What type of HSBC account were you trying to transfer into? Maybe it's not allowed directly to a savings account, and there was a miscommunication about that between the agent and you.

Normally banks will accept an EFT of any large amount from another bank, although they will likely put the amount on hold for up to a week. They restrict the amount you can send out by EFT (a push from their side) because they are responsible for verifying that transaction. Usually if it's over $50K they make you call in and verify your identity with an agent before they will override the limit.
HSBC Advance would also accept EFT from Tangerine so it is most likely other problems. By the way, has anybody also receive the targeted email with the extended bonus interest for their HRSA? ... _tc_en.pdf
*Increases in your HRSA Balances during the Promotion Period will not increase Eligible Balances
Doesn't it mean that any interest earned during this period doesn't earn bonus interest? What a bizarre condition.
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Dec 7, 2009
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iamdman wrote: Anybody see this 4.5% HISA offer from RBC?
Opened one of these years ago. After the promotion the rate dropped to close to zero. Pulled almost all of the money out and have never received another offer. I expect that they count on some of the money being "sticky" after the promotion or the depositor buys other services. A good reminder for me to close that account.


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