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Apr 22, 2014
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Hi folks,

Looking to see if anyone wants the following:

1) PS3 Slim with 300GB HDD installed. - $60 - Sold
2) PS2 Slim modded - $60 - Sold
3) Dreamcast - $60 -Sold

Buy 2 of them for $110 and buy all of them for $150

All systems only come with 1 controller each and no games. For pick up at Victoria Park station.

Don't remember when and where I got this. Probably in high school when dance games where a thing.

Added: Para Para Paradise for the PS2 /w special controller - $20 - Sold
Old but working. Comes with the game and the sensor for playing the game.
It is a JP game tho, so you will need a JP PS2 or a modded PS2 that can play JP games to play it.

Thanks for looking.
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