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[FS] Old LGA775 computer parts (2/3 old systems)

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  • Jan 3rd, 2019 2:57 pm
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Old LGA775 computer parts (2/3 old systems)

I have some computer parts that need a new home. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly which parts are working and which aren't. One computer I believe failed due to the cpu cooler not being securely attached. The CPU and maybe the motherboard are toast. The other was working fine until blue screens started happening frequently. I'm not sure what the root cause was but I assumed it was the SSD failing and corrupting data.

The cases are good quality, the RAM still has some value, etc... you probably can get a working LGA775 system out of this and have extra parts to sell or whatever... I'll take $100 for everything just because I want it gone. I'll take this to kijiji if RFD doesn't have any takers in a week or so.

So... I have:
- Antec P150 case (white).
- Antec Sonata case (black)

- 2 LGA775 motherboards
- 4 DDR2 1GB RAM sticks (PC2-6400)
- 4 DDR2 2GM RAM sticks (PC2-6400)

- Q6600 CPU (Likely dead - the stock cooler has one leg broken so it doesn't seat properly)
- Q6700 CPU (from memory... has a massive OCZ heatsink on it and I know it was a step up from the Q6600... pretty sure it was Q6700)

- USB 3.0 PCIe card (I threw this into the computer years ago to add USB 3.0 capabilities)

- Radeon Sapphire HD 3870 graphics card
- Gigabit GT400 graphics card
- ATI AIW (All In Wonder) 9800 Pro graphics card (has a TV Tuner built in)

- another motherboard, CPU, and RAM... I believe it's a P90 with 1GB RAM (2 512MB sticks)

WEST GTA location (Halton Hills / Milton / Mississauga). Message me if interested.

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