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Old Rogers / Bell boxes left on the house

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Aug 19, 2005
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Old Rogers / Bell boxes left on the house

Looking to repaint the house, and there are a couple of these boxes on the house. There are two plastic boxes with a “W” which I suspect are Rogers cable boxes, and a metal Bell box, both inherited from prior owners. We only use Bell Fibe for all of our services so these old boxes aren’t being used. The boxes are bad enough, but there’s also a lot of old cabling that’s run along the house siding / soffit that I’d like to remove when we repaint. You can see in the photo some of the wiring coming from the Bell box is frayed and exposed.

Wondering if anyone has experience calling Rogers / Bell to remove these, or if you’ve gone ahead and done it yourself.
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Mar 10, 2004
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The tin box is a terminal for a multiple drop (1-6 lines back in the copper wire era).
Did/does your dwelling have multiple telephone lines?
Be careful - the Bell installer may have simply joined the RJ-11 output from the VOIP equipment to the copper house telephone wiring without disconnecting the old aerial drop wire(s) and that terminal could be live.
Easiest way to find out - have someone pick up the phone while someone shorts out each line on the terminal - if the phone line in the house gets cut off for a moment- the wiring is live.
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Jul 30, 2007
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For bell, once they had installed the line and any equipment, they are yours to dispose of when they are no longer in use, speaking from my experiences with both Rogers and bell.

Bell can remove them for appropriate charges, of course.
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Oct 16, 2008
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OP, just leave the boxes alone if you can. The boxes may be needed in future.