One-eyed bus driver

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  • Jul 24th, 2020 1:56 pm
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Sep 30, 2011
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One-eyed bus driver

I don't believe, it is just stereotype that one eye cannot drive commercial vehicle. Isn't said two eye help to judge distance and speed? Even my drone has two sensor to avoid collision, LOL, now Ontario judge believe it's not necessary. I have no problem everyone get fair equal treatment, but science is science and safety first. ... dge-nixes/
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Jan 9, 2011
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Science is science and safety first, yes. But is there any science that provides conclusive evidence that monocular motorists are less safe drivers than those with two eyes? That’s what the judge could not find, and therefore overturned the ruling. I say if she can pass the province’s own road test, then what’s the problem?
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Nov 10, 2019
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Just try closing one eye and drive for a day. There's your answer
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Feb 9, 2013
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Read the article folks. The judge didn't hand her licence back to her. The judge just said revoking it was unconstitutional and ordered the province to implement a test to determine if she can safely hold a licence.
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Aug 6, 2017
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People with two eyes can't drive well so whatever.
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Jul 21, 2009
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Rather have someone with one eye on the road than both eyes on their phones.
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May 2, 2017
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There were two pretty high profile cases of buses in Ottawa crashing over the last decade, one in 2019 where a double decker crashed into a station and killed 3 people. Another in 2013 where a bus crashed into a train and killed 6 people. The number of eyes the driver had was not a factor in either collision.

If the driver can prove that they can operate the bus safely with one eye, I don't see any reason why they would be excluded from having that job. But on the other hand, it is kind of obvious that a person with one eye will not have the depth perception to drive as well as a person with two eyes. That does not necessarily mean the driver will be any worse than your average two eyed driver though, they could be an extremely skilled one eyed driver, and still better than the average two eyed driver. However if they were a below average driver before, and now have their depth perception removed, that could mean they are no longer safely able to operate the bus.

So I really think that the judge is correct here, if the driver can pass the same test two eyed drivers take, assuming that test accounts for emergency maneuvers, there should be no reason to take her license away.
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Jan 8, 2009
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Should be able to see as well with one eye as two but would need to scan to make up for restricted field of view.

People with one eye can enjoy the big sights of the world just like anyone else - like the London Eye and the Eyefull Tower.
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Jul 22, 2019
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The judge was right. If the lady can safely drive with one eye, why not? People with two eyes can't even drive properly.
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Jul 17, 2008
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Next we're going to have blinds driving.

You cannot drive safely with one eye. You cannot judge distance.

We'll see if this driver will end up in an accident. And if the news outlets will pick it up if it happens
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Aug 3, 2019
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Lol driving with one eye is perfectly legal and safe. Its funny how people talks about it without even experiencing it.

Once you pass the medical test and they determine that your one eye have 100% visibility there are no issues. If you have a problem with it, try to take it to the court and get rejected by a judge, else too bad :)