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One Inch long Eyelashes?

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  • Aug 31st, 2021 10:30 am
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Feb 20, 2015
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One Inch long Eyelashes?

I know these eyelash extensions can be seen in old movies from the 60's but lately I've been seeing people will eyelashes so long you can barely see their eyes and I'm wondering if they can see...

Is this the style or something... I personally think it looks ridiculous. Maybe they have a practical purpose that I'm not seeing, like wiper blades or keeping rain/sun out of their eyes with a canopy.


I'm a Man and Women can do 2" eyelashes if they choose, but I'm wondering if they think it looks good? I was thinking that women doll up their eyes to accentuate them, not block them out.
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Sep 16, 2004
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Having one inch of other things can be worse.:)