Online Dog Meds

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Aug 15, 2010
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Online Dog Meds

Does anybody have a good online pet medication site? It seems most require prescriptions in Canada.

I’m looking for praziquantel (sold as Drontal) since my dog will invariably get tape worms again from eating something gross. In the US it’s a $25 bottle at a pet store but here it’s over $100 at the vet.
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Jan 1, 2013
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The veterinarian business in Canada is a disgrace.

The vets hold to keys to everything and they really dont give a crap (most of them) about your pet, in so far as you have to pay, pay, pay.

I tried to get access to a nutritionist, in the USA or other countries, you simply look one up, they do a consult, then come up with a nutritional plan, they charge a nominal fee and your set. In Canada you first have to pay a vet to look at your pet, then they have to agree to connect you with a nutritionist, then you pay the nutritionist for their time, then they charge a fee for the diet information.

Medicine is the same thing, even when my cat had a urinary blockage and I needed to buy "prescription food", I found a bunch of USA stores that sell it for a fraction of the price (even with exchange) and had free shipping, in Canada, noone sold it online without either charging twice what the vet wanted and the vet charged twice as much as the most expensive option in the USA (after exchange!).

I wanted to get an endoscopy exam for my dog, noone would do it without massive payouts, all along the chain, totally impossible to go directly to someone and get it done.

I hate the vet system here, its shameful and these money-grubbing vets and the whole industry here, need to be changed, bigtime.

My advice, buy from the states and pay someone to ship it forward, dont rely on the veterinarian system here, its all about screwing you over for ever single penny they can.