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Online Mandarin course for kids?

Sep 6, 2017
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Online Mandarin course for kids?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can recommend an online mandarin course for kids (non-Chinese speaking). They have taken a bit of Chinese school already but since it is only once a week, they are not progressing much. It is hard to fit in Chinese school as their other activities have fluctuating schedules but an online course may be a good option if they can do it at their own pace/timing. Thanks for any suggestions.
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East Gwillimbury
They won’t do it.

The best thing for them is Mandarin TV. Try and find cartoons and repetition will teach them faster than bombarding them with variety.
Mar 26, 2007
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With online courses, you are assuming that they will actually set time aside to learn a language more than once a week, which they may not do considering their busy schedules. If their own pace is practicing once every two weeks then it's not going to be any better. It depends on your kids and how much discipline/willpower they have.

Try Chinese movies with bilingual subtitles (Chinese+English subtitles). Jackie Chan or Stephen Chow movies come to mind - because they can be funny and entertaining.

You can also try textbooks that come with online access to mp3s/resources that they can listen to and repeat against. I know college textbooks might have these, and there are beginner level ones.

Lastly, practicing frequently/daily helps immensely, especially speaking with a real person. Classrooms help with that but for more frequent interactions, you'll have to find a neighbour or a friend (theirs or yours) that they are willing connect with.
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Mar 10, 2004
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Reviving this thread. Any recommendations for online mandarin for kids?
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Watch Online TV shows (kids friendly one) and Cartoon is the best.
it get their interest and will learn so quick.

I use to watch French news, Hockey, Baseball games in French TV back then.
Nothing help you learn that quick when you have an interest to read or watch it.
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Markham and search Chinese