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Online Training Platform

We are a private sector company that has developed training that would be of benefit to front line staff of not for profits nationally. The training needs at least a voice over and needs to be interactive where there is a test at the end and the option to provide feedback. What are the well known platforms that we can leverage to develop the training and possibly host on our own website?
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Jan 21, 2018
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There are two possible approaches:

Many sources offer an online Learning Management System (LMS), such as . They provide online tools for you to build and deploy your course using their LMS platform. Issue: you are usually locked into their platform. They may charge subscription fees and fees per student, and you may be exposing private corporate information via a service you don't control.

There are tools that let you build your own course using Powerpoint as a base platform, and then deploy it on your own web server in HTML 5 format, such as . But they can be expensive tools, and some of them have switched to subscription pricing too, like many other software vendors.

Consider cost of maintenance: HTML 5 is popular today, but we once built a course in Flash, only to have Adobe abandon the format, requiring a costly rebuild.
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Moodle is open source LMS which is used widely in my organisation. Lots of plugins (e.g. for Zoom, PayPal). Has everything you need in a LMS.