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[Onsite Gallery, OCAD University] Opening Reception Wed Jan 22 6-9pm CodeX: playable & disruptive futurist eArt 199 Richmond St. W. TO

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Opening Reception Wed Jan 22 6-9pm CodeX: playable & disruptive futurist eArt 199 Richmond St. W. TO

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April 26, 2020
Onsite Gallery, OCAD University
https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/opening-rec ... 3403473033

199 Richmond St. West

CodeX: playable & disruptive futurist eArt

January 22 to April 25, 2020

Jason Baerg

Tom Barker

Rob Elsworthy

Samantha Fickel

Dennis Kavelman

Nick Puckett

Six Trends Inc.

Jane Tingley, Cindy Poremba and Marius Kintel

Curated by Tom Barker

CodeX is an exhibition of playable and disruptive digital artworks that explore human-machine relationships, and how society is influenced by technology, innovation and design.

Since the 1950s, digital and technological art has evolved and diversified into a broad range of almost magical art forms with many labels, such as: video art, internet art, post-internet art, hacktivist art, cybernetic art, algorithmic art, and information visualization art. CodeX places its artworks under the collective term, “eArt”, which embraces all of these sub-categories.

In our rapidly evolving digital age, artists and designers continue to apply creative ideas using new technologies. CodeX brings together eight recent and engaging eArt pieces. The diverse technologies and interactions raise questions about the human condition, exploring our attitudes, differences and similarities with machines. The exhibition proposes three themes to codify eArt: Algorithms, Identity, and The Nature of Reality.

The art machines in CodeX offer spontaneous carnival-like excitement while prompting visitors to reflect on the nature of being human - through sometimes playful, other times uncomfortable interactions with the works.

All art is ultimately defined by its audience. In CodeX the artworks go a stage further: they are incomplete as creative pieces without you as a player or participant.

Onsite Gallery is the flagship professional gallery of OCAD U and an experimental curatorial platform for art, design and new media. Visit our website for upcoming public events. The gallery is located at 199 Richmond St. W, Toronto, ON, M5V 0H4. Telephone: 416-977-6000, ext. 265. Opening hours are: Wednesdays to Fridays from noon to 7 p.m.; Saturdays from noon to 5 p.m. Free admission.

Onsite Gallery acknowledges that the new gallery construction project is funded in part by the Government of Canada's Canada Cultural Spaces Fund at Canadian Heritage, the City of Toronto through a Section 37 agreement and Aspen Ridge Homes; with gallery furniture by Nienkämper. Onsite Gallery logo by Dean Martin Design.
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