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Ontario Consumers Home Services and Water Heaters Rental Experience, please share

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Apr 17, 2013
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Ontario Consumers Home Services and Water Heaters Rental Experience, please share

Is Ontario Consumers Home Services the best Home Comfort Products supplier in Ontario region. I have good experience with their services guys. Share your experience here so that we can identify the best services provider and help our neighbor to choose the right one.

I would like to share with you my services experience with a water heater rental company in Ontario. I came Ottawa almost 3 years back and I was new to this area. One of our neighbors suggested to get necessary home products on rental. After through scanning I contacted a representative from Ontario consumers home services. They provided me low cost solution and that was taking all products rental. Since then I have been using their services and I am quite satisfied with their services. Recently there are lot of buzz on this company. I feel bad when I go through those bad reviews. I am not sure if they have misled anyone into poor purchase decision. Me and my neighbors using their products on rental and they regularly visit to inspect the products and never misguided us to install or upgrade anything which is unnecessary. My experience with them is as follow:

This was the second time I called Ontario Consumers Home Services for their services. Two years ago, they replaced my furnace, air filter and air-conditioning unit and it was professionally done. Last weekend my water heater tank leaked and stop working. We called Steve as we have his number. He came and checked the unit and told us that it needs to be replaced. He discussed and explained the unit we need. We settled the paperwork’s and he arranged the work schedule right away. Todd and Mike showed up on time. They are very friendly, lay out some rugs to protect the floor and the work was professionally done. They checked my humidifier too (free of charge). And they are happy to answer all our questions. After they left, we checked the place, they wiped off the water on the floor and it was so clean. We are so happy. Thank you again guys, for the excellent job. We will highly recommend Ontario Consumers Home Services to our friends and relatives.

I would request all to share their experience with this company so that I also know the truth about my services provider.
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In my opinion renting a hot water heater from anyone is not a good idea. From your post, it sounds like you are renting more than just the hot water tank which is even worse IMO.

However, if someone decides they MUST rent a hot water heater, Ontario Consumer Home Services or any of the other door to door 'companies' are not the ones to go with. The company you are referring to has 63 charges under the Consumer Protection Act based on their activities in Ottawa alone:

http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/O ... story.html

An Ottawa energy retailer and its directors are facing 63 charges under the Consumer Protection Act over its practice of renting water heaters and furnaces and selling air conditioners door-to-door.

The complaints allege the Toronto-based company’s Ottawa agents led customers to believe they were getting a house call from their existing service provider, or that the company was taking their account over from another service provider; that they were conducting government-mandated inspections; or that the customers might be eligible for upgrades to their service.

Sounds like the typical spiel these door to door scammers use. I've gotten it at my door and when they finish I advise them our tank is owned.

We're looking to buy a new house. At each house we go to, I look at the water tank. If it is from one of these types of companies that lock customers into insane contracts I won't purchase the house unless the home owner has the contract ended and removes the tank at their own expense. If there was a rental furnace or air conditioner at the house, I certainly would not be assuming those contracts either. Fortunately rental furnaces and a/c is fairly rare around here.

By searching the forum, you'll see there are many very poor opinions right in this forum on Ontario Consumers Home Services (and you'll find MANY more on google):

ontario-consumers-home-services-water-h ... s-1296542/

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