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Ontario - METRO - 25 BAMS WUS $20+ on Metro Gift Baskets in-store (Nov 14th thru Dec 27th)

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  • May 27th, 2020 3:11 pm
May 19, 2020
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mkl38s wrote: I just bought another basket $25 for another account. It showed 57AM on the receipt, I should get back 105AM (email offer for redeeming 285AM email), 25AM (weekend special redeeming 95AM) and 40AM (email offer for spending $40+ get 40BAM). So total is $14.22 + redeeming 285AM and get back 227AM. Actual cost (including tax) $14.22 + 58AM for a $25 basket + 2 bottles of olive oil and most importantly 1 STB offer. Here is my basket
I love such gift baskets. It can save, when you need to congratulate a person, but you are not close to him and don’t know his hobbies. You can choose a basket with chocolate, fruit or wine. I think such set would suit everyone. I often buy [...] gift baskets and always buy from this company. They have a huge assortment. There are some classic baskets and also more specific ones, such as vegan, healthy or kosher baskets. You can choose the basket depending on the holiday, new year, birthday, mother's day or easter. Their prices are very affordable and the shipping is very quick. Buying from this company is more profitable and more comfortable than in the supermarkets. If someone is looking for a gift basket, check their website.
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