Opinions on computer programmer program at college after finishing electrical engineering degree at UO

Feb 1, 2019
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Opinions on computer programmer program at college after finishing electrical engineering degree at UO

Hello all, I am currently a student who studies at Uottawa. I will be finishing my EE degree this september. Unfortunately after 4 years I found out that EE is relatively a very bad program for current job market. We went through A LOT OF bad profs as well as hard materials and in the end I felt like I didn't learn anything from it (There is so much to complain about this program at UO but I won't do so here cause ppl wouldn't understand unless you were in it. I had coop but I failed to find any jobs back then cause all the job offered was programming related). Good thing is at least I didn't drop out and I will definitely finish it gtfo with that piece of paper. I am currently thinking bettween masters at some other university or computer programmer program offered at algonquin college. I have a feeling that master will just be the same kinda crap as university, I will probably graduate with barely anything learnt from it. I kind lost faith in school, but considering master's degree as a recognition of higher education, I struggle to choose which way I should go.

Does any of you guys have similar experience? (graduate from university with degrees like EE) Which way should I go for if I want a secure and stable job afterwards (How much I could benefit from either way). Also for the long run, EE degree + master VS EE degree + programming diploma, we one could potentially make me go further in my career? I realize the importance of COOP now so I will try my hardest to get myself into that if I do college. Other than computer programmer, is there any other program that you could think of to benefit a person like me the most?

Thank you guys very much for your opinions. Excuse my English cuase it's not my first language.

A bit more info with my coding skills. I personally is interested in it, I can do good logic and have a bit of experience with C and assembly, microcontroller programming was also what I did on the side. I think I could be a good programmer, but later on I also want to work on the hardware part.
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Feb 11, 2019
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I think that your real knowledge, skills and experience in the area you want to get into are most important now in the labor market. In the case of programming, it's still easier, since many IT companies don't really watch your diploma, but analyze your experience and provide an opportunity to show it through various tests. For example, my friend, an essay writer[...], also studied another profession (law), but due to the great competition and little interest in this profession, he decided to write and study journalism (and still he has a blog).
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