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Opinions on PC Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Aug 16, 2010
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Opinions on PC Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I've been wanting to get a dutch/french oven for a while now but can't afford premium brands like Le Creuset or Staub. Are PC dutch ovens at all good or usable? Anyone own one? The price sounds nice. ... 1024162_EA
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May 30, 2010
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I have a PC enameled cast iron pan with the lid. It done what it's supposed to do, well. I think the dutch oven will work the same. Cast iron is great at heat retention, so heavy is good for that. Know the limitation that cheaper brands will have cheaper, thinner enamel coating, and be ready for scratches and chipping.

I bought a Cuisinart cast iron dutch from the clearance bin at CT for $10. It had chip on the outside edge of the handle and 2 of the little drain nibs on the underside of the lid. It's been used for general cooking and making bread for 5 years now. It has more of nibs chipped, and has another chip on the handles. Still does the job.
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Sep 1, 2005
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I have a Kirkland Dutch Oven. I can cook in it. Not much else to say.

If you can wait, Kijiji is great for buying dutch ovens BTW. Ppl get gifts that they don't want so BNIB for you.

Having said all that. I haven't used my Dutch oven much (overstated...I don't think I've used it even once) since I got the Instant Pot.

If you're a bread maker enthusiast, you might want to consider a Lodge dutch oven where the lid is multipurpose fry pan as well. For breadbaking, put bread in the pan and put the dutch oven as the lid. ... 7884&psc=1
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Aug 10, 2011
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It's probably fine as long as you aren't overly rough with the coating.

I have a Lagostina and Kitchenaid enameled pots alongside a La Creuset and both do what they need to do and have held up well over the years (Lagostina is nicer). I actually find myself using them more often than the fancy pot out of some misguided sense of preserving the La Creuset.