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Opinions on two laptops listed in text post. Much appreciated.

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Nov 21, 2018
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Opinions on two laptops listed in text post. Much appreciated.

Usage: I'm looking for a mid-range laptop for my mum that will age well into the future. Primary uses would include: web browsing, audio/video streaming, light multitasking. Portability is somewhat important so that she can take the laptop to language learning classes. Touchscreen isn't necessary but perhaps an advantage for non-native English speakers such as herself. If there are other, more suitable candidates at that price range, I would really appreciate the recommendation.

First: ... chspecstab

Second: ... 0/12600851
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The Asus laptop would be better for future because it will be much faster overall due to the SSD Hard Drive. The Hard drive on the Dell is bigger but MUCH slower.
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Nov 14, 2008
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I'm with him, this asus vivo book is nice and regularly goes on sale at BB.
The shell/case/screen seems a little fragile....I have set two up and one had display issues out of the box and needed to be returned, just unlucky..
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Feb 12, 2008
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I told my cousin to buy the asus laptop and hes in love with it. That SSD is a nice touch and the overall specs of the laptop itself are quite good at that price.
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