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Orbi Mesh Network vs Router + 2 Range Extenders. Which Between The Two?

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  • Jan 6th, 2018 11:14 pm
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Nov 20, 2004
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Orbi Mesh Network vs Router + 2 Range Extenders. Which Between The Two?

Hoping to get some input from the experts here. I'm looking to upgrade my existing wifi and have preemptively decided on the Orbi (RBK30) mesh system or Netgear's AC1750 (R6400) router + 2 range extenders (EX6150).

The house is 2 floors, about 1800 sq ft in total. Currently running cable 30 but might upgrade to 70. Between everyone under the roof, there's maybe upwards to 15 devices, give or take. I do have cat5 running to all bedrooms. It's an old school house so no streaming, I personally still torrent and Chromecast all my media. The minimal gaming that I do is through ethernet so wifi's not an issue. Not sure what other information will help with deciding one over the other but if there's any questions just ask away. Just really looking for ease of maintenance and longevity. Any suggestions or tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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Feb 20, 2011
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i just upgraded to the orbi rbk50 mesh and its amazing..i have about 2500 sq home and wifi is so strong..reason i got it is that i wanted wifi while on my deck outside and it does that and some..i can connect and stream into my shed which is 120ft from my backdoor..its MIMO capable..does beamforming and also has vpn which u can set up if needed..future proof really
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I would expect the orbi to fair a bit better. Few extenders work well, and it takes lots of tweaking.

But each home is different. My best advice is make sure you can return the equipment if it doesn’t meet your expectations.