OREA Admission test, anyone?

Apr 14, 2019
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ok update!!!!!!!

I Just finished my exam few hrs ago it took me 1 hr in total, and they give you 3 hrs so more then enough time! my mark was 98% and that too I KNOW which question I got wrong and why but anyway I got my help from minicram, I got the pdf version of the online info they give which has 150 questionare with answers which was more then enough cause I went over then twice and I was set and some of the questions from here were on there so it helped. if anyone needs help and is stressing dont stress send me an email and ill foreward you my pdf file, I believe sharing is caring :)
Sep 19, 2019
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i need help with salesperson admission exam with humber college. i believe its same as orea test. can someone please help?.i would really appreciate sample papers or notes.
my email is
Sep 24, 2019
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AppNishad wrote: Hi All
Just an update I have cleared my admission test with 92% marks.
Send a PM if you need the guides
Hey I am interested in the guides. Do u think I can send them to me pls? I am about to write the exam on Friday. Thank you !