Osap advice internship/coop

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Dec 16, 2013
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Osap advice internship/coop

Hey guys,

I'm a student at ryerson taking civil engineering.

I finished my 3rd year and I have been working for a year. Now with 2 months left till school I have applyied for osap again because of the grants available and the loan.

However, since I'm 4 years out of high school I'm ineligible for the 30% off tuition. On the osap website ot says you're eligible if you're within 5 years on a coop program.

I called financial aid yesterday and they said on their side I'm only enrolled for a 4 year program, thats why the application isn't going through. The laxy Saud she'll look into it and contact me through my email, but I received nothing today. I also sent them an email of the issue on Sunday night, and I haven't received a reply yet.

My friend at York told me. To. Get in contact with the presidents office, I'd lile to give them toll around Wednesday to figure out.

If they don't I think the presidents office is where I shouls go.

Anyways, I'm curious if anyone has any experience with an internship and coop with osap or just any advice or so.
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Aug 26, 2011
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Same thing happened to me and my financial aid department changed it right away and I got the grant almost within a week. But i went to uOttawa.