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OT Guidelines

The following rules will be enforced at the discretion the moderators or administrators which reserve the right to remove threads without prior notice:

Adult rated materials
This forum is access by the general public which includes minors (under 18 years of age) and people who are in the workplace.
* Explicit and overly sexual materials
* Discussions may be edited for content
* Discrimination against individual sexual preferences will not be tolerated

Off Topic is not a chat room
This forum is meant for open dialogue that does not fit in the other forum categories. It is not meant to be a chat room. Users who wish to chat amongst themselves should either use the Private Messaging system or some other instant messaging software.

Racial comments or profiling
Comments or topics is strictly prohibited. We expect the general populaces to give each other respect that we expect to ourselves.

Low content
If a topic or a post has no meaning or an invitation to be flamed that neither contributes to the community, poses any questions or statements that can lead to any positive discussion, or poses any serious questions that the OP genuinely wants an answer too, then this thread will be closed or a post removed at the discretion of the moderating team.

Respecting Each Other
You are not allowed to attack, harass, taunt, incite, be rude, be disrespectful to any user.

Please remember that meaningful discussion is encouraged but keep an open mind since everybody will have his/her own opinion and it's expected that opinion is respected. Trolling, baiting or flaming will not be tolerated and will be removed at the discretion of the moderation team and/or RedFlagDeals team.

Here are the RFD forum rules.
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