Out of province student buying a car in province of study

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Jul 15, 2017
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Out of province student buying a car in province of study

I'm from BC and living in Ottawa for my master's degree, because I'm a student I haven't needed to change my licence over. I'm moving apartments in 2 weeks and plan on switching my licence with the new address. I am going to look at a car soon and I know it would be simpler once I have an Ontario licence to buy it then, but it would helpful during the move to have the vehicle. Can I get temporary registration until I apply for my Ontario licence in a few weeks? This will be my first time buying a car so i don't fully understand how the administrative process works.
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Apr 30, 2015
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You don't even need to switch your license.
Just explain at SOntario that you're a student if they ask. You should be able to register a car without any hassle.

I have an Ontario license. And I've had cars registered in both Sask and Alberta with it.

And when it comes to an insurer. Sonnet gives no hassle about out of province licenses. Not sure about others as I've never tried. But right on their site they allow you to choose the jurisdiction of your license. Theirs people more knowledgeable around here about insurance.

Best of luck!


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